Baby Ayren came to the world on 1 January 2014!!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

My gigantic phone

The other day, I used my index finger to poke Ayden on his chest a few times and said, "Dee Dee Dee Dee", pretending that he's a phone. Then I leaned my ear against his chest and said, "Hello, Ayden, where are you?"

Ayden: Hey! Mummy! What are u doing? I'm not a phone!

Me: Oh! I'm pretending that u r my gigantic phone!

He went along with it and replied my questions, said bye and kissed me as per normal, the way he would when we were in a real conversation on the phone.

Yesterday, I did the same thing when we were out while he was checking out the toys at Kiddy Palace.

Me: Dee Dee Dee Dee.. Hello! Ayden, where are u?

Ayden: *silence*

Me: Hello! Ayden! Hello!

Ayden: *silence*

Me: Hey! Why are u not replying me?

Ayden: I'm a phone. I can't talk!

Me: 😅

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Momo 我很想你

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

In memories of Sugie 6 Dec 2005 to 3 Mar 2016

My dear Sugie Boy,

I could still remember the day I brought you home.. In my arms u were just the size of my fore arm.. U brought us joy and happiness.. U were really a good boy although sometimes u chose to throw tantrums..

I could still remember your first bath.. Your first trick.. The times when we play Fetch and Hide and Seek..

I could remember the times when u were naughty and I have to beat u.. I remember the times when u lay in between my legs and let me stroke u comfortably.. 

I remember the times when u were scared of the thunder and hide in a corner to shiver.. N the times u always barked at strangers..

Sorry that mummy has neglected u in your later years.. Despite that u were still there for me when I needed u..

Even the night before u go u still wanted my company and even wanted to protect me..

Mummy will forever love you n miss u.. U will always be in my heart and live in my memory.. Don't worry about me n go to a better place.. U r forever my dear Sugie Boy..

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Momo.. 我想你..




Good morning..
I love you..
Bye bye..
See you tomorrow..

Momo.. 要新年了.. 没有您的新年我好想您.. 您来梦里看看我吧!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Am I fat?

Me: Am I fat?
Ayden: Yes!
Me: I don't like u!
Ayden: See! Your tummy is big! See! U r fat!
Me: No! I don't like u!
Ayden: I like u!
Me: Am I fat?
Ayden: No..
Me: See u r also fat! Your tummy is big also!
Ayden: No! I am not fat!
Me: U r fat!
Ayden: I am not fat! I don't like u!

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