Baby Ayren came to the world on 1 January 2014!!

Friday, August 04, 2017



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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Love is like alcohol.. The high n kick n enjoyment only lasted a while.. The pain n suffering is there to last.. For all you know, addiction comes with it n tormenting you.. Still you refuse to let go.. 

Friendship needs to depend a lot on the fate n timing.. The precious moment missed is something that can never be brought back..

Waiting is scary.. You have high expectations but whenever the disappointment comes, the pain stays.. The cycle then restarts.. Tormenting the person waiting.. 


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Thursday, May 05, 2016

My gigantic phone

The other day, I used my index finger to poke Ayden on his chest a few times and said, "Dee Dee Dee Dee", pretending that he's a phone. Then I leaned my ear against his chest and said, "Hello, Ayden, where are you?"

Ayden: Hey! Mummy! What are u doing? I'm not a phone!

Me: Oh! I'm pretending that u r my gigantic phone!

He went along with it and replied my questions, said bye and kissed me as per normal, the way he would when we were in a real conversation on the phone.

Yesterday, I did the same thing when we were out while he was checking out the toys at Kiddy Palace.

Me: Dee Dee Dee Dee.. Hello! Ayden, where are u?

Ayden: *silence*

Me: Hello! Ayden! Hello!

Ayden: *silence*

Me: Hey! Why are u not replying me?

Ayden: I'm a phone. I can't talk!

Me: 😅

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Momo 我很想你

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

In memories of Sugie 6 Dec 2005 to 3 Mar 2016

My dear Sugie Boy,

I could still remember the day I brought you home.. In my arms u were just the size of my fore arm.. U brought us joy and happiness.. U were really a good boy although sometimes u chose to throw tantrums..

I could still remember your first bath.. Your first trick.. The times when we play Fetch and Hide and Seek..

I could remember the times when u were naughty and I have to beat u.. I remember the times when u lay in between my legs and let me stroke u comfortably.. 

I remember the times when u were scared of the thunder and hide in a corner to shiver.. N the times u always barked at strangers..

Sorry that mummy has neglected u in your later years.. Despite that u were still there for me when I needed u..

Even the night before u go u still wanted my company and even wanted to protect me..

Mummy will forever love you n miss u.. U will always be in my heart and live in my memory.. Don't worry about me n go to a better place.. U r forever my dear Sugie Boy..

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